Laydown view of the BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand family
BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand logo in grey and black

The Freedom of Cordless Cooking!

Introducing the cordless, rechargeable kitchen multi-tool.

Attach + enjoy

The BLACK+DECKER® kitchen wand™ works with a variety of interchangeable attachments for all your kitchen tasks. Simply attach the head to the base unit to blend, froth, open, grind, or whisk– like magic!

Accessories included

All kits include one power unit, one mixing cup, and one charging dock. Storage provided will vary per kit.

Talent using the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand immersion blender to blend a frozen berry smoothie

Immersion Blender

With 4 stainless steel blades and a bell-shaped head design, the blender attachments allow food to move freely to blend food efficiently.

Talent using the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand milk frother to froth milk in mixing cup

Milk Frother

Add texture and richness to hot or cold milk in seconds. Ideal for recreating your favourite barista-style hot and cold drinks at home, such as lattes or foamy hot chocolate. Also can be used to mix protein shakes or powdered drinks, or even aerating wine.

Talent using the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand can opener to open canned tomatoes

Can Opener

Cuts along the side of the can lid to minimise sharp edges, and lever feature holds onto the lid after removal so you can easily drop the lid into the bin without touching it, for safer handling.

Talent passing the grey BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand spice grinder attachment at the dinner table

Spice Grinder

The spice grinder attachment can hold 2 different spices and you can adjust the grind density separately. Ideal for classic combinations like salt and pepper.

Talent using the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand wine opener to open a bottle of wine

Wine Bottle Opener

Easy to use, single button operation can remove synthetic or natural corks. Plus, there is an integrated foil cutter for easy removal of bottle seals.

Talent using the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand whisk to mix brownie batter


With a balloon-shaped design, the whisk is ideal for whipping eggs, cream or pancake batter with ease. 

Talent using the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand whisk to make whipped cream

Freedom To Move

Discover the convenience of cordless at the palm of your hand. 

3/4 view of grey kitchen wand power unit in the charging base

Comfort And Ease

The lightweight power unit has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to grip and can be operated with one hand.

Profile view of the grey, BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand 6 kit standing on a kitchen countertop

The Ultimate Kitchen Sidekick™

A cordless multi-tool that makes it easy to cook and prep in the kitchen, from whisking milk for your morning cappuccino to spicing up dinner