SMARTECH Lithium Cordless Drill Driver in use by two persons collaborating on a project.
Your Tools Just Got Smarter

Life Runs Smoother When It’s Smarter. See What’s Possible With Smart Tech.

Take the hassle out of household tasks with our smart tech products. Designed to connect you with a range of smart features, from Bluetooth® and USB connectivity to intelligent sensors, smart tech makes life easier so you have more time for the things you love.

Open Up a World of Possibilities with the Smart Tech Battery

Our 18V Lithium-ion smart tech battery does more than power over 30 cordless 18V power and gardening tools. With Bluetooth® and the dedicated smart tech app, you’ll be connected to a range of smart features that help your DIY projects run smoother. Plus, with a USB charging port, you can plug in your mobile devices and power them on the go.

A person sitting on stairs outdoors charging battery of Black and decker nail gun.

Power More than Just Your Tools

Charge on the go with the 18V smart tech battery. A USB port lets you plug in your mobile and tablet devices and charge them anywhere. Great for festivals, camping, or keeping in your car just in case.

Less Time Searching, More Time Creating

No more looking for where you left your tools or rummaging in the garage. With Bluetooth® connectivity, you can pair your smartphone to your smart tech battery and use the dedicated smart tech app to locate it.

Keep on Top of Your Power Levels

It’s simple to make sure you’re powered up and ready to go. With the smart tech app, you can check the charge status of your 18V battery, so you’re always prepared for your next weekend project.

SMARTECH MAX Lithium Cordless Drill or Driver placed on countertop while person remotely operates it via mobile application in home environment.

Set Your Tools Down Safely

Don’t worry about your tools falling into the wrong hands. With the smart tech app, you can disable your 18V battery when you’re not using it right from your phone. So you’ll have peace of mind when you take a tea break.

See What’s Possible

With the smart tech app, you can browse a world of projects and inspiration to help you see what’s possible with your DIY. With step-by-step instructions and handy tips, all you need is a little imagination to create something special.

Everyday Cleaning Just Got Easier

Our cordless vacuums with smart tech sensors intelligently adjust suction depending on the surface you’re cleaning, so you use the right amount of power for the best performance. They’ll also alert you when they need a battery charge or filter clean, so you can make sure your vac is always ready for action.

Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion Family

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