A Smarter Way of Cleaning

Let Your Vacuum Cleaner Do the Thinking with Smart Tech Sensor Technology

Take the strain out of everyday cleaning. Our cordless vacuums with smart tech sensors intelligently adjust suction depending on the surface you’re cleaning and alert you if they need a battery charge or filter clean. Keeping the home tidy, spotless, and fresh just got a whole lot easier, leaving you time for the more pleasant things in life.

Senses the Surface

Find the extra power, just when you need it. Floor Sensor technology recognises when you require a suction boost, increasing power to shift dirt from deep pile carpets and rugs, then lowering the power while cleaning hard floors to extend the battery run time.

Senses the Charge

Don’t run out of juice while cleaning. Battery Sensor technology continually monitors and displays the remaining power on a clear LED indicator, warning you when a charge is required. Now you’ll always be ready for those emergency spillages.

Senses the Filter

Take the guesswork out of housework. Filter Sensor technology automatically detects when the filter is clogged and needs cleaning. Keeping your filter clean optimises suction performance, saving you time and preventing a frustrating loss of power while doing chores.

Completely Versatile

Quickly convert from floor to handheld cleaning and keep any surface in your home spotless. Our 2-in-1 smart tech stick vacs include a removable handheld vac for taking care of less accessible locations. If portability is all you require, there’s a range of lightweight hand vacs offering grab and go convenience.

Stay Fresh

Some models include a cotton-fresh scented filter that disperses a pleasant aroma around your home while you clean. Another clever touch that makes cleaning as pleasurable as possible.