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BLACK+DECKER® is your source for every home project from do-it-yourself to lawn and garden care. We’re here to inspire you with recipes, holiday ideas, arts and crafts, and even house cleaning tips for better results with less effort.

Latest Articles

  • There's Snow Place Like Home

    Skill Level: Beginner

    Create your own custom holiday décor this season, and craft beautiful wood letters.

  • A Creative and Colourful Table

    Skill Level: Beginner

    Bring that shabby old table back to life with a bold burst of colour.

  • Time for a Little Colour

    Skill Level: Intermediate

    Brighten up any wall by creating this colourful and quirky clock.

  • Build a Bold Headboard

    Skill Level: Beginner

    Give your bedroom a great new look with this striking headboard.

  • Beautiful Shelf Borders

    Skill Level: Intermediate

    Give your simple shelving unit a makeover.

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